ISL London Roar

Just noticed that the BBC actually streams this live and wonderful how nicely and exciting the whole set-up and choreography of the event is. There is even a DJ.

Some of the Hackney parents and swimmers are there, so this makes it easier to connect with the top swimmers.

Previously the top performers were so far away, only accessible at very expensive international competitions like the Olympics.

The seats are full. Tickets were very affordable.

ISL seems to be the professional, international version of the Arena League and the skins are desirably crowd pleasers. Our swimmers love that.

Madison was coaching our younger swimmers today, somebody has to teach the up and coming young swimmers whilst the elite battle it out.

Missed the London Roar

Looked at the pics on Twitter from the #Londonroar, looks very impressive, electrifying and totally different to what we’ve experienced so far.

No wonder the Aquatics Centre looks sold out, when normally it is very difficult to fill the seats, with exception of very major events from British Swimming of course.

The atmosphere is priceless, no wonder so many officials wanted to work there completely free without the usual travel expenses. All those normal competitions, and then this, must be worth it.

The normal age-group competitions in comparison look boring and are kept alive only by the will of the young people to swim as fast as they can and by the parents who want to see their youngsters do well.

Madison is doing her GCSE this and next year and helps as coach over the weekend, so helping our younger swimmers comes first. I think it is very commendable that Madison works hard at school every day – and has some excellent grades – and then helps over the weekend at the club.

Well, she is starting to train again and surprised how hard it has become to keep up with the fast swimmers after over 1 year of break.

I am nursing a sore leg, it has been playing up, off and on over the years but now I am also having a sore foot and wait for medical treatment.

Did 30.000 steps almost every day, swam 1500 several times a week and I am just not so fit as to keep up with the elite in sport.

ISL roars in London

I am quite amazed that the ISL competition was advertised on British Swimming on Facebook and is under the wings of British Swimming. Some big relief went around my body as at the beginning I felt stressed what format the competition would take.

Even better is that I probably can officiate as I just love officiating for competitions at the London Aquatics Centre, which has become my second home.

Calling it the London roar is very appropriate as Adam Peaty swims there and he is a big lion fan. It wouldn’t surprise me if Adam asked the organisers to name the competition London Roar.

As I’ve learned British Swimming will also recruit the officials for this, something I didn’t think would be possible. Announcements will be short notice but people are alerted to stand by.  The big event will be 23. and 24. November 2019.

It’s just great that Melanie Marshall, Adam Peaty’s coach is head coach, so everything is just like normal.