History of doping in female swimmers

Found an interesting article to do with the manipulation of female athletes and particularly female swimmers in the former East Germany. It also has a lot to do with Chromosomes, in particular whether you are XX, XY, YY. Apparently XX is female, XY is female with male additions and YY is purely male. That is explained in relation to the Caster Semenya case, who apparently has XY chromosomes.

What I do not understand is that world records seem to be able to stand even after it has been revealed how athletes were manipulated and drugged to achieve those results. Like Andrea Pollock, who was severely manipulated with medication. There is no taking away from her being a victim of such actions and she did her best to be a great swimmer.

But it still seems questionable that athletes who are not medically manipulated should strive to achieve the same times and even beat them if they were achieved through testosterone manipulation.