Travelling to swimming meets

Before you go check that your entry has been accepted by the organisers. This information can be found on the ‘accepted entries’ list. Ensure your coach knows if you want to drop out of a race or want to do an extra time-trial.

Within the Greater London area, we always use public transport. Except where the clubs provide transport, usually a coach.

It is

  • easy to plan, (use tfl travel planner)
  • reliable ( most disruptions are well published in advance)
  • fast
  • with night tube, it has become even better

We noticed that at some meets we arrived before the car people because they were stuck in traffic, we even get home quicker because there are many train routes within London that cut across the Capital.

Of course further away meets require trains, planes but always plan your journey and pack your bag with thoughtful anticipation.

If you booked a hotel, check the booking is OK. Check transfers and car hires.

Prepare yourself for the events you are entered in. Ensure you are there for the sign-in and warm-up. Note: Not all meets need a sign in, some have cards or no sign in at all.

Luckily at most meets there are stalls selling essentials like goggles, costumes, towels etc.

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