Parental involvement

Session 2 1905041525 – ASA London Region London Regional Summer Championships 2019 2019 on May 04, 2019 at London Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, London, E20 2ZQ, London. Photo: Ben Davidson,


Clubs are always grateful for parent volunteers. Most larger clubs host swimming meets and for that purpose need to provide an essential amount of volunteers to run the meets. Within the swimming fraternity, most functions get done by volunteers.

The ASA website lists the steps necessary to qualify. There are poolside helpers needed and if you ask your club’s secretary they will put you in touch with your club’s volunteer coordinator who knows what courses are available.

I would very much welcome it, if all clubs had parent sessions, in which coaches periodically talk to the parents of all regular swimmers to give progress reports, point out weaknesses and discuss steps forward.

Parents should always draw a line between being concerned about their swimmers progress, helping the swimmer to strive for better results and actually interfering with the training.

The vast majority of coaches are well trained and want their swimmers to succeed. After all, their reputation depends upon it. The success of the club and funding depends upon it.

I think though that parents ideally should never push their children too hard and too soon into too many training sessions, that is to avoid an early burn out. Children always need a rounded childhood with a variety of sports to try out, need a social life and should not be forced to train twice a day, every day when they are young.

Swimming is a training intensive sport but too much training too  early will drive swimmers away and lose the sport a potentially great swimmer for the future.

My swimmer is currently aged 12 and we train 6 times a week. There are clubs that offer more training sessions. But I will also comment about this in another page, called general fitness.