General fitness

When I saw the small film that was posted about Adam Peaty doing his workout, it opened my eyes about general fitness.Adam did press ups and jumped up to clap his hands and go on to the next press up.

Looking at all those well-trained bodies of top swimmers I can see that there is a lot of land training and gym work involved also.

Children can get fitter in many ways and as long as they keep moving and do something they get better.

Generally distance swimmers spend more time in the pool swimming whilst sprinters spend more time doing land and gym training.

For young swimmers there are limits at which age they can join a gym. Many parents are worried that too much training hinders growth for example.

Swimmers can do other sports like running, climbing to add to the muscle fibres of their bodies and increase fitness.


Important issues to observe is the amount of sleep needed for children, so that they can stay well. The NHS has recommended sleep amounts.