the good side-effect

one of the best side-effects of officiating is that I re-discovered my love for swimming. It is one thing to judge those regular competition swimmers when standing around the pool but it is another to actually get into the water and swim.

Every time I went to a competition I could not wait for the weekend to be over so that I could actually do some swimming myself the following day.

Dallenberg Bad (lido) in Wuerzburg, Germany, aerial view.

One of my best childhood memories is when I swam, as a 12-year-old in my local 50m pool in breaststroke. That was the best feeling ever. I think this is the feeling and that memory that makes me feel forever young because it is so enjoyable.

Swimming is the best cure for leg ailments because I damaged my knee ligament severely 3 years ago and could hardly walk. The doctors suggested physio therapy but i didn’t want to go. I decided to go swimming instead.

starterFor the first tries in the 50 m pool I gotten out of breath quite quickly and it took me some time to get the stamina to continue swimming for about 10 lenght at a time. I then increased this to 15 length, then 20 and now I am doing 30 lenght in one session without a break. 

I even go jogging on some days now when I don’t go swimming, for example if the pool is too crowded.

When previously I had a leg injury through tendonities, ca 25 years ago, I didn’t do anything, I sat around for 2 years putting on weight. That weight still bothers me today but since I took up regular swimming I am slowly loosing the excess baggage around my waist. 

Since I read that excess fat deposits around the waist can decrease your lifespan by about 10 years, I am definitely doing my best to remedy that.



ISL roars in London

I am quite amazed that the ISL competition was advertised on British Swimming on Facebook and is under the wings of British Swimming. Some big relief went around my body as at the beginning I felt stressed what format the competition would take.

Even better is that I probably can officiate as I just love officiating for competitions at the London Aquatics Centre, which has become my second home.

Calling it the London roar is very appropriate as Adam Peaty swims there and he is a big lion fan. It wouldn’t surprise me if Adam asked the organisers to name the competition London Roar.

As I’ve learned British Swimming will also recruit the officials for this, something I didn’t think would be possible. Announcements will be short notice but people are alerted to stand by.  The big event will be 23. and 24. November 2019.

It’s just great that Melanie Marshall, Adam Peaty’s coach is head coach, so everything is just like normal.

For the future

Session 2 1905041525 – ASA London Region London Regional Summer Championships 2019 2019 on May 04, 2019 at London Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, London, E20 2ZQ, London. Photo: Ben Davidson,

The shoulder injury is not healing up any time soon. The shoulder operation takes much longer to work the wonders we expected than thought. Yet swimming is an important part of Madison’s life. The best solution, whilst Madison wants to stay with swimming, is to allow Madison to pass on her enormous knowledge to the younger swimmers.

Madison’s style has always been very clean, I think she didn’t get disqualified more than twice in 5 years of competitions. It is more than important that all swimmers learn to swim according to the rules and learn to get fast with all the rules in play.

It can become a drag on a swimmer’s career when you suddenly realise that you had been doing something wrong all these years and it only becomes apparent at a top level meet.

Madison will be coaching next season and train as much as possible for herself.

I’ll be going to Glasgow and Sheffield for both the summer meets. Our club sends a fair amount of swimmers to both the British Swimming champs and the English summer champs, so its only fair that we should send at least one official, which happens to be me.

It will all be visible on the life-streams.

Mustn’t grumble

Even though Madison could not compete, because she still recovers from her shoulder operation, there is no time to have the blues. Madison actually helps coach these medal winning Hackney swimmers whilst not being able to train herself.

The Young Volunteers program helps young swimmers to help others and each other in a club that puts teamwork at the helm of its philosophy. During competitions like London Region, Madison helps with refreshments for the officials and coaches.

It was very rewarding to help at the London Region Age Group Summer Champs today and witness the first ever gold medal ceremony, we saw at the London regional championships being awarded to a Hackney Aquatics swimmer, Marco.

It makes us very happy to help others achieve the fast times they always dreamed of.

Watching #BSC19

Just started watching the British Swimming Champs, I am really pleased to hear the names of some London swimmers whose parents I often work along with at local meets. It’s brilliant when the swimmers of those parents then compete at the nationals.

It’s also very inspiring when I see local officials at the nationals.

I’m also able to pick up some good tips how the officials behave at the meet as I am signed up to help at two national meets this July/August.

Just as our family has another member entering performance swimming, Madison’s younger cousin, whom she trains privately to get ready to enter performance swimming later this year.

It is very inspiring to see the nationals with its brilliant organisation.


He is selling us the dream

As Adam Peaty just broke the 100m breaststroke World record again and is only 1/100 off his project 56, by swimming in exactly 57:00 seconds, I am officially on holiday.

Melanie Marshall

Going to a swim camp with Adam Peaty’s coach, makes good dreaming. Madison is really looking forward to this. Off to Derbyshire we go.

That is a woman with great aspirations and that’s alright for us.

Madison will be in good hands in the Swiminspirations swim camp. A real Inspiration it is and always will be.

Madison now also wants to become a coach.

After the busy weekend

All pics taken in the London Aquatics Centre appear with blue tint. That’s due to the windows being covered in blue foil. Just dropped my official’s board on the floor to take a pic of Hackney’s trophy won at the Gators meet on Sunday 8th. July 2018.

Head coach Rick Hall with coach Naomi and some of the swimmers who won medals at the Gators meet on 8th. July 2018. Madison missed this photo opportunity.

We had a long weekend. First swimming for Tower Hamlets at the London Youth Games on Saturday 7th. July and then competing at the Gators meet in the LAC on Sunday 8th. July.

It’s all important to earn the stripes necessary to progress further in a swimming career.

Madison won 4 medals at the Gators meet.

3 x silver and 1 x bronze at the Gators meet in July 2018

I am awaiting the results and will add-on as soon as published.

But in the 50 Freestyle Madison went all out and finished well ahead in her penultimate heat, making second place, with a great Personal Best in the long-course, which is the best result a swimmer can have, great PBs.