The non holiday

Living in an iconic holiday location, namely London, and near the London Aquatics Centre, we do not see much need to go away on holiday this year.

revision-booksMadison’s received a pile of revision books and spends at least 3 hours per day revising for the forthcoming GCSE results.

This year a student needed only to get just 14% of the exam questions right to pass the Maths A-level. But that is something Madison wants to achieve at a better grade. No better place to start than getting a better than good GCSE in Maths.

Today, when our local Raine’s Foundation pupils will be able to collect their A-level results from school, we’ll be there to hand out leaflets and memorabilia. #300moreyears.

Just as we’ve received an invite to join Melanie Marshall for her exclusive Swim Clinic on 29. December 2019 at Repton Pool, we find that due to the screws in Madison’s shoulder, she cannot even rotate her left arm around for training. It is the best Swim Clinic of the season, held by an actual Olympic swimming coach. Melanie is in the process of preparing Adam Peaty for next year’s Olympic games.

IMG-20170415-WA0003The swimming for Madison is in the dog house right now. Because it is not a permanent disability, Madison cannot train as para swimmer but we do not know what will happen next. Our next appointment to see the doctors is in September and the last time Madison went they told her that nothing has healed yet since the operation this spring.

Yet Madison is cheering herself up by wearing the Melanie Marshall hoodie around the house whilst she is revising for ther GCSE exams next year.

It is an exciting time to think that Madison can at least continue her performance based swimming career by helping to coach younger club members as she already teaches her younger cousing to get ready for racing.



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