Tricks of the mind

Whilst Madison is still not able to swim with both arms, her training has collapsed but Madison feels she can get back into performance swimming pretty quickly, once the shoulder is fixed. Madison thinks that her youth will help her to get back to top performance quickly.

I wait for it and see what happens. As we’ll have to wait till September now because the shoulder has still not healed and doctors may need to try something else.

In the meantime, I get up extra early in the morning to improve my own fitness and swimming. Since the Aquatics Centre hosts Ultra Aquasplash daily, the competition pool closes at 9am. Because I prefer the 50m pool, I make sure I get there in time to do my daily 1000m.

And hurray, today I managed to improve my best time by 5 minutes. Yet I felt like a rock in the water but the clock never lies.

Swim England National Summer Meet 2019I think those 2 weeks officiating at nationals have magically improved my fitness. Lets continue that and I will be helping at the World Para Swimming Allianz Championships 2019 at the Aquatics Centre.

The Aquatics Centre has become my favourite place for swimming and officiating. But the team work and discipline at the nationals is so far the best experience ever.

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