My first full training session and GCSE

Yesterday was the first full training session under the new headcoach David Broadbent.

The two years no swim because of the shoulder operation and the pause due to Corona Virus makes it a tough going event.

But at least can do the full session. But, as the club only has two sessions per week and they fall on consecutive days, can only do one session per week and the rest is land training.

Whilst the pools open again, the wait for the GCSE results has become unbearable, especially as the media now starts to publish all those stressful stories how the results are being manipulated against poorer pupils and how schools can appeal.

This article brings it home that if you go to a school with an overall history of bad grades, that they will tone down any great result to fit in with statistics. My blood boils about that already.

Always did well in grades, quite above the average. The year I did SATS in Primary, the school’s overall results rose, that is how effective the learning can be.

Mock exams brought results between grades 7 – 9.

Not sure how those enrolments for Sixth form will work when there is such a muddle about grades and people can appeal and resit as late as November.

Pools re-opening time-table due next week

Boris Johnson has finally agreed to publish a time-table for pools to re-open. Quite obviously it would not be possible to explain a continued closure of pools when all schooling will be back to normal in September.

Perhaps Boris Johnson isn’t a swimmer and so put the sport on a back-burner or the advice he gets is over-anxious. Apparently Cricket has a similar unnerving problem. They are not allowed to play because they share a ball and changing rooms.

All people using sports facilities should be given a risk assessment and have to sign a declaration that they use the pool/facility at their own risk if the provider does all possible precaution to keep the facility clean and advise swimmers of responsible behaviour in the changing rooms.

Everybody should be isolating if they experience symptoms and testing is easily available now. As there are plans to make facility management local, e.g. that only in case of an outbreak local facilities get closed, we all will be able to enjoy a good swim and try our best to stay free of viruses.

Most pools have an abundance of changing rooms, whereby most swimmers have the ability to change in a single enclosed room. Showers wash down any dirt into the drains and most swimmers use soap and/or shampoo, which is also cleaning.

There are few pools with common change facilities like York Hall.

Swim England and the Institute of Swimming have cancelled all training courses at the moment and all those wanting to do a course have to do the online part alone and wait for a chance to complete the poolside part of the course as soon as possible.

Swimming is very near again.



Save our pools

Whilst we have the #OpenOurPools campaign, I think we need to go one step further and enter into a #SaveOurPools campaign.

Councils like Hendon and Hackeny who run leisure centres suffer extreme financial hardship because of a loss of revenue.

Hendon just splashed out on renewal of Barnet Copthall Leisure Centre and Hackney shines through their excellent Leisure centre facilities with the new Britannia health centres in the planning.

Many large and health-concious employers include subsidised gym  and/or pool membership as a perk. The Police have their own performance swimming division.

Obviously swimming and gym activities have an extremely important part to play for the health and mental health of our work forces.

So whilst govenment is not forcible stopping people from crowding on our beaches and urinating in people’s front gardens because all toilet facilities remain closed, it is forcing people away from leisure centres, which are more hygienic.


cropped-torremolinos-outdoor-pool-03-spain.jpgJust hearing on the news that people want to refresh in open water as all pools and Lidos are closed. People are drowing in dangerous rivers and lakes.

Isn’t it a no-brainer that if you go to a pool and then shower with soap that you will be thoroughly cleansed. It’s obviously better than a handwash.

If pools cannot open by 4. July 2020 – as originally promised – Boris Johnson is jeopardising the physical and mental wellbeing of many people.

Why not open gyms as well. What is the difference between wiping down a shopping basket at the supermarket or wiping down an exercise bench before and/or after use?

As the promise has been made to return to normal schooling in September for all pupils, there is an implied prediction that pools will open in September as well. But the busy holiday period is extremely important for many people to stay focussed and positive.

SupportSwim England, write to your MP, blog, Twitter.

Different strokes at Hackney Aquatics

  • Hackney Aquatics to merge closer with Chelsea and Westminster Swimming club under the shared Executive head coach Lisa Bates. Lisa is one of the Olympic Swimming Coaches.
  • Negotiating with the International Swimming League’s home team ‘London Roar’ by allowing swimmers selected for the pathway to compete under the ‘London Roar’ brand.
  • New coaches appointed in
    • Headcoach David Broadbent who comes from Sheffield City Swimming Club, he holds a degree in Sports and Exercise Science and swam in British Championships himself.
    • Assistant Headcoach Edmund Ashton who is coaching alongside Adam Peaty in his race clinis. Edmund a well known British breaststroker himself.
  • Coordinated pathway between East and West London for the performance swimmers.

This is an excellent solution negotiated by our chair Chris Ogden, whose own children  Mika and Kai qualified for nationals recently.

It’s a great way to integrate the International Swimming League with club swimming and carve a new pathway for swimming as a sport.