Concrete factory planned near London Aquatics Centre

Currently school children in Tower Hamlets already suffer 10% less lung capacity due to air quality in the borough. Please sign a petition against a concrete factory.

This factory proposal will affect users of the Olympic Park and the London Aquatic Centre profoundly. That affects all swimmers and those coming for swimming competitions to London.

A recent application to built a concrete and asphalt factory in Bow Common had been refused after extensive protests but now there is a very similar application to try again.


Everybody commuting in the area will have suffered from severe traffic delays, due to concrete lorries coming out of the current concrete distributor in Wick Lane, they are near the Bow Flyover. A Conrete Factory will cause more delays and severely reduce air quality in the area.

Therefore please support a petition

Step the Concrete Factories next to the Olympic Park and rezone the site from being SIL has been launched by the Tower Hamlets Extinction Rebellion. Please sign.



Went to see the consultant yesterday, and unfortunately there is no improvement with the arm movements. That means no proper training still and just kicking and leg based training.

It’s a huge disappointment but the doctor assured us that it will get better. Madison’s swimmers, whom she coaches have made a huge improvement and we have more swimmers in summer nationals than ever before.

For Madison though it’s Mock Exam week, starting today with Biology. We’ll need to return to the hospital in 3 months time and get another scan done to see why the shoulder is still not doing what it is supposed to do.

Move towards coaching

So far the shoulder operation had little impact on Madison’s ability to return to performance swimming.

We are currently awaiting further x-ray and doctor’s appointments for more up-dates on the progress.

Madison will step down from the main competition squads as swimmer and become a Junior Masters swimmer instead. That also leaves the option of becoming a swim teacher and or coach in the future.

Madison loves coaching and helps out at the club at least twice per week. That is good for swimmers because Madison knows everything about preparing for and competing at events.

Club swimmers are doing very well. The club has swimmers at both British Summer Nationals in Glasgow and English Summer Nationals in Sheffield this year.

I will be helping out as Judge at both competitions, so we are involved in the competitions.

But, formally to be able to train as coach or teacher, Madison must have reached 16 years of age, until then all helping is purely voluntary. It should make an interesting addition to the GCSE schedule next year to also fit in coaching or swimming teacher training.

But, should Madison’s shoulder recover next season there would be nothing holding her back from getting back into performance swimming.

There is this very good ethos at Hackney Aquatics, who have a club for life ethos, that allows swimmers to switch squads and stay with the sport in whatever capacity.

History of doping in female swimmers

Found an interesting article to do with the manipulation of female athletes and particularly female swimmers in the former East Germany. It also has a lot to do with Chromosomes, in particular whether you are XX, XY, YY. Apparently XX is female, XY is female with male additions and YY is purely male. That is explained in relation to the Caster Semenya case, who apparently has XY chromosomes.

What I do not understand is that world records seem to be able to stand even after it has been revealed how athletes were manipulated and drugged to achieve those results. Like Andrea Pollock, who was severely manipulated with medication. There is no taking away from her being a victim of such actions and she did her best to be a great swimmer.

But it still seems questionable that athletes who are not medically manipulated should strive to achieve the same times and even beat them if they were achieved through testosterone manipulation.

Sweet treats

Madison handing out sweets to officials
Session 11 190511ut s2295 – ASA London Region London Regional Summer Championships 2019 on May 11, 2019 at London Aquatics Centre, Olympic Park, London, E20 2ZQ, London. Photo: Ben Davidson,

One of the best opportunities a swimmer will get to ‘cheat’ is when the officials select sweets. Considering there are cameras everywhere in the LAC and there was a large contingent of spectators, I felt rather unable to accept sweets whilst being on stroke at an earlier session. Instead I held out my hand behind my back murmering: “Just put some sweets on my hand, I need to look at the swimmers, I can’t be seen selecting sweets”.

Madison is going to be back for training this week and hopes to return to competing next season.

We are happy to help with swimming as long as it involves competitions.

There are always ways to stay connected to the sport, to the club.

Don’t we love AM training

In London public transprot is very fast in the mornings. Buses go very fast for the lack of general traffic.

Church Street in Stoke Newington at 6:25 AM

Didn’t realise how much I am used to AM training. Getting up at 4 AM, quick, dress, quick breakfast and off to the bus stop.

It’s just that sense of purpose and not missing the sunrise is quite an achievement. Bakers can do it, swimmers can do it, swimmers’ parents can do it and coaches definitely can do it.

One feels positively lazy not getting up early. At least we are back to the feeling. And after the training, that fresh bread tastes good.

Just to say that Madison is back in training, yippee.

Mustn’t grumble

Even though Madison could not compete, because she still recovers from her shoulder operation, there is no time to have the blues. Madison actually helps coach these medal winning Hackney swimmers whilst not being able to train herself.

The Young Volunteers program helps young swimmers to help others and each other in a club that puts teamwork at the helm of its philosophy. During competitions like London Region, Madison helps with refreshments for the officials and coaches.

It was very rewarding to help at the London Region Age Group Summer Champs today and witness the first ever gold medal ceremony, we saw at the London regional championships being awarded to a Hackney Aquatics swimmer, Marco.

It makes us very happy to help others achieve the fast times they always dreamed of.